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An Overview of Joomla! Extensions from NoNumber!

Written by Marco Conti Tuesday, 30 March 2010 11:48

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In this edition of "10 Minute Joomla! Tips" I will  show you how to install and use some of the great extensions for Joomla! Created by Peter van Westen of NoNumber!  (
Peter is a great Joomla! Developer and his extensions stand out from the rest because of their quality, documentation, attention to detail and usefulness.   Peter's Joomla! Extensions always seem to fill some overlooked niche of the Joomla! CMS and in this Screencast Marco will cover 4 of the extensions:
  • ReReplacer - a great string replacement component
  • Cache Cleaner - a very useful cache management Extension
  • Add to Menu - an extension bringing back the old Joomla! 1.0 behavior adding links from an article administration screen
  • Modules Anywhere - A very complete Plugin for easily adding modules "anywhere" in your Joomla site

Watch the video and learn about all of NoNumber!'s Offerings

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Great Extensions
Great to know some more handy extensions for Joomla. In addition, I also found these other 4 Joomla Video Extensions as value addition to the ones given above.
Sherry Bennett , May 21, 2012 is down
Any alternative way where I can download the extension? Thanks!
theflea , February 18, 2012
Ciao, come sta? smilies/smiley.gif

Your video was excellent smilies/smiley.gif I stumbled across the nonumber website and your video helped me understand exactly how to do it!
Chris , February 23, 2011
A real helpful video - Thanks!
Many thanks for taking the time to create the video, it is really helpful and great to know that the license paid to Peter for his NoNumber extensions is money very well spent.
Dan Dyninny , February 17, 2011
Thx ++
Great podcast!
David , September 12, 2010
Thank you for your effort! Nice video. /Sweden
Mathias , July 10, 2010
Thank you Marco!
Many thanks for your great screencast!
Roland , June 06, 2010
Was very useful hope I can get it to work good for me smilies/smiley.gif
Ayande , May 26, 2010
Thank you for your effort.smilies/cool.gif
Henry , April 27, 2010
Thanks Marco, this was very helpful. I found this video while I was researching the Modules Anywhere extension and then you informed me about the other cool extensions from Peter! I'm going to try some of them out!
N , April 27, 2010
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