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10MJT-10-02-09 Learn how to Export and Import Joomla Content

Written by Marco Conti Friday, 19 February 2010 22:19

In this issue of 10 Minute Joomla! Tips I am going to use a great little component appropriately called "Content Export" to export Joomla Sections, Categories and Articles from one site to another. While the component is fairly easy to use, a few things need to be kept in mind to perform a successful export/import. In the video I'll try to cover how use the component for flawless content transfer. I have also included a couple of checklists in this article (below the video) that may help you avoid confusion if you use the component.

Enjoy the video.


Quick Checklist:

NOTE: I'll refer to the site FROM where you export content as "original" and the one where you are moving the content to as "Target"

  1. Download the "Export Content" Component from here (Make sure to choose the one appropriate to your site's version)
  2. In Joomla 1.5, turn on the "Legacy" plugin from "Extensions >> Plugins >> Legacy
  3. Install the component in your Original site first by going to Extensions >> Install/unistall
  4. Go to Components >> Export Content
  5. Click on Export/Compile Site, follow the promts and save the resulting file on your computer making sure to name the folder so you'll remember what's in it.
  6. Now go to the Target site and once again install the Export Content component again
  7. Now, go to the install interface again and this time install the file you just exported from the Original site. Your Original content installs just like a Joomla Component
    NOTE: This would be a great time to do a complete database backup of your target site. Should something go wrong a backup lets yourevert exactly to this point and try again
  8. Now navigate to the Components >> Export content area and choose your preferred method of importing your content. Either import all the sections at once or import your content a bit at a time.
  9. Once you are done with the import, make sure to go to Install/Uninstall and uninstall the content you have just imported. It's no longer needed. You can also uninstall the "Export Content" Component if you like since you'll probably won't need it again.

Things to check before export/import:

  • Download the appropriate component version for your site
  • If you are exporting from a Joomla 1.0 site make sure you have no empty articles. The import script really doesn't like it and will return a pagefull of errors
  • Create a directory structure on your computer to host the exported ZIP files. They are named the same every time you export your content (and they should remain so named) so it's easy to confuse them if you export content from multiple sites.
  • Use PhpMyAdmin to check for empty Joomla 1.0.x empty articles. It's a lot faster there than it is using the Joomla admin.
  • If you find any empty articles, either put some text in them or delete them.
  • usually preferable to export all your Sections at once. But if you get an error you can try importing your contgent either one section at a time or even one category at a time.
  • Iyou still get errors when you import, look at the import log and try to figure out where the import is stopping. When you do try to exclude that area of the content by category and proceed to import the rest. You can always import a few articles manually.
  • The Export Content component only exports Joomla articles. For modules, menus, etc. you are on your own.
  • Remember that any cross-links in the articles will probably no longer work. Your content will have now different Item IDs. You are going to have to change those links manually based on your new IDs.
  • Images are exported as a separate zip file and they usually work pretty well if you expand the file in the right place (images/stories) but you may want to take a look at the ZIP archive first to make sure everything is there.
  • You can also compress, download and move your own /images directory from your server or even just copy it to your target site if they are all on the same server.



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Error JInstaller
I receive the error : JInstaller::Install : le fichier n'existe pas /home/cabinetramses/html/tmp/install_50a4e71c4f360/new_version/install.mysql.utf.sql

* File /home/cabinetramses/html/tmp/install_50a4e71c4f360/new_version/install.mysql.utf.sql doesn't exist in the archive

I verify it manually and that's true, file install.mysql.utf.sql is not present !! how to install the component in the joomla 1.7
David PONDA , November 15, 2012
Export Component Does Not Work
I say the component does not work because my local install of Joomla 1.5.23 is on a WAMP server. The site I want to export from is a Joomla 1.5.23 site. The Export Component when attempting to upload it says you must be working with an older site turn on legacy (this tells me Export Component) does not recognize the version of website a person is attempting to upload it on.) So I turn on System Legacy which is by the way legacy for 1.0. This prevents me from uploading the Export Component with System Legacy on or off.
Bennie Walton , August 05, 2011

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